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About TMG, Inc.

TMG Team Pic 2016-01TMG’s mission is building programs and systems that provide clients with employees in the right numbers with the right skills at. the right time, at the right cost to improve business performance.  Our vision is for every client to have an agile, competent workforce moving at the speed of business.

TMG’s Keys to Success

  • Our only asset is our people, their expertise, and their total commitment to our partner’s success.
  • 98% of our energy must be focused on solving our partner’s problem
  • We Win only when our Partners Win
  • Striving for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners
  • TOTALLY committed to Continuous Improvement
  • Consistent Near Perfect Performance means Increased Earnings

Doing Business with TMG

TMG’s professional staff works closely with our partners to ensure our business practices and agreements are responsive to our partner’s needs. We execute business agreements and show results quickly while protecting TMG’s business requirements and services intellectual property.

TMG does business with partners in two basic ways:

  1. Firm Fixed Price Purchase Orders
    This model is used when the Deliverables and the Schedule are clearly defined. TMG and the partner agree upon a basic approach along with a general Plan of Action and Milestones to accomplish the tasks required and solve the common problem or accomplish the common goal. TMG and the partner agree upon a payment schedule based upon the service delivery to the partner’s satisfaction. Under this approach, TMG will work with the partner to develop an Authorization to Proceed usually with the first task of developing a detailed Plan of Action and Milestones along with a Deliverable schedule and partner requirements.  Once the partner approves the Authorization to Proceed, TMG’s Business Operations staff will work the partners purchasing department to execute the appropriate instrument.  Our tradition is to carefully manage the Program with no less than monthly partner Program Reviews to measure progress, make adjustments, and focus on mission accomplishment. 

  2. Services Retainer
    This model is used when the partner requires access to TMG’s experts to provide professional advice, consultation, or longer term access to our services. This is applicable when our clients require TMG advice on an “as required” basis. Usually this is comprised of a monthly fee to have access to our team whose time is retained based upon the amount of the retainer and can easily be adjusted up or down based upon clients needs.

Federal EIN:  04-36-94233
DUNS #:  124005740
CAGE Code:  347P7