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Dean Foods South Texas Workshop

Houston, Texas -December 5-6, 2017 Oak Farm Dairy hosted Founder and President of TMG Inc., Joe Barto for the annual “South Texas Oak Farms Logistics Dream Team” Workshop. The TMG team was given the opportunity to facilitate a 2-day workshop with 24 Branch Managers and Supervisors from the South Texas Oak Farm Logistics Team. Their mission is to deliver milk products to South Texas with over 500 drivers delivering 102 gallons of milk products. Dan Nichols the Division Logistics Manager laid out 2017 major events and laid out the business plan for 2018.

The goal was to build upon the “Building a Dream Team” Workshop that was conducted to the same team in December 2016, to add to the team’s tool kit to further improve Team Performance, Engagement and Daily Problem Solving. Day 2 of the workshop was focused around how each leader can support the 2018 goal to improve cost per gallon of the delivery process. In addition to refreshing the group’s toolkit, TMG facilitated a Hurricane Harvey After Action Review. In August, the city of Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, which also had major effects to this logistics team. TMG conducted this After Action Report in order to look back on what kind of plan was in place before the Hurricane made landfall and how the team can improve the plan to help combat future natural disasters in the South Texas Region.

At TMG our mission in life is to align Leader Behaviors and improve Team Engagement in order to enhance Business Performance for our partners. Mission First — People Always!

According to Joe Barto, Founder and President of TMG Inc., “Our people are fanatically passionate about high performing teams and we are extremely grateful that we get to wake up every morning with the sole purpose of helping company’s invest in their people to ultimately improve their business performance. We look forward to supporting the South Texas Logistics Team mission in 2018”