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First Class of Lean Bronze Belts certified at ECA (Electri-Cable Assemblies)


On October 24, 2017 TMG certified the first class of Lean Bronze Belts at ECA (Electri-Cable Assemblies) in Shelton, CT. This program began in April and is designed to accomplish FIVE strategic objectives:

  1. Improve Leaders ability to do their daily work better by reducing “tribal knowledge” and increasing use of the “DMAIC data driven” problem solving tool set.
  2. Create “Irreversible” Momentum by completing more cost reduction projects while we operate the business.
  3. Provide Plant Management Hoshin driven CI/Cost Reduction Support System.
  4. Realize the Return on 1st Year Training Investment by becoming more proficient with the Tool Set as more projects are completed “year over year”
  5. Identify and Develop Current Future Leaders 

These students accomplished a rigorous program that consisted of 40 hours of classroom training and the execution of 11 Rapid Improvement Events. As a result of this program they have demonstrated and proven their abilities to execute and sustain the DMAIC model of Lean Rapid Improvement Events. TMG congratulates ECA on their continued dedication in their journey to “near perfect performance.