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Heraeus Tenevo and TMG: Perfect Partnership

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On August 8, 2017, TMG seamlessly transitioned the HTU Team Performance Improvement System to the internal HTU team at an Annual Refresher and Program Update.  “We are so proud of this partnership and the improvement across the entire business.  Every performance metric improved when HTU implemented the customized tools we built for them and then taught them how to use.  TMG’s mission in life is to help organizations develop and assist Heartbeat Leaders improve their Team’s Performance by teaching them what a Perfect Day looks like and giving them the courage to have a Perfect Day everyday” says Joe Barto, TMG Founder and President”

Tim Jenkins the HTU Plant Manager says, “I want to thank each and every one of the TMG professionals for all the hard work you have done for us.  I really appreciate the amount of time you took with our operators and the time spent on the off shifts.  I think this helped with the transition and helped the team to understand a bit more what was going on (and to vent a little.)  We were able to gain new insights into our team through the conversations you were able to have with them, for them to be able to speak freely with you and for you to anonymously convey that information and those feelings back to us.  With TMG’s assistance we were able to successfully take on the challenge of reorganization, new managers and new coaches.  We have implemented many good tools and begun to develop our coaches and improve the engagement of their team’s and their relationships with their teammates.  We will continue to use these tools to help us continue to move forward.

We have had some rocky times and some false starts but all in all we have come a long way and we couldn’t have done it without all of your ideas, contributions, support, and dedication.  We still have a way to go and we are facing a lot of business and growth challenges in the coming years.  I think your work with us will help us guide our managers who will develop our coaches who in turn will develop their teams to be in a better position to meet those challenges head on.  You have helped me live up to my pledge, “I am a leader and my team plays to win!”

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