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“I am a Lean Leader. My Team Plays to Win” Class #101 Inducted November 15-16, 2017 in Lynn Haven, FL

On November 15-16, 2017 at the Ingersoll Rand-Trane Plant in Lynn Haven, Florida the Southeast Region of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence presented TMG’s 101 Class of the Building a Dream Team; Heartbeat Leaders First Workshop.   Plant Manager Billy Smith welcomed 20 Leaders from the Lynn Haven Plant and presided over the “I am a Lean Leader.  My Team Plays to Win” pledging ceremony.  President and Founder of TMG, Joe Barto, facilitated the workshop, “What a wonderful 2 days; where we were able to substantively support AME’s Mission of Share, Learn, Grow and deepen AME’s long standing relationship with Ingersoll-Rand.” 

 The workshop goal was to give these leaders the Courage to Lead by providing a set of leadership tools that could be customized to each teams unique operational circumstance. This team that attended the workshop now joins 100 other classes and an ever growing group of leaders who have taken what the learned to build their tool kits, teach their Heartbeat leaders how to use the tools, and then coach the entire team to reach consistent perfect performance.

At TMG our mission in life is to align Leader Behaviors and improve Team Engagement in order to enhance Business Performance for our partners.  Mission First — People Always!

“The greatest form of respect we can give our workforce is a Leader who wants to lead, knows how to lead, and leads every day to Win!” says Joe Barto, Founder and President of TMG and the workshop facilitator. “These Heartbeat Leaders want to be good leaders; we often don’t take the time to train then coach them on what right and wrong look like.”