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Joe Barto speaks at The Carlyle Group’s Annual Global Vice President Forum

On March 15, 2017, Joe Barto, TMG’s Founder and President along with Frank Finelli, Managing Director of the Carlyle Group lead more the 50 Carlyle Group Vice Presidents from around the world how to better assess a company’s Leadership, People and Teams.  “It is easy to say People are important but harder to operationalize that intent across the business in meaningful ways.  The greatest form of respect we can give our people is a Leader who wants to lead, knows how to lead, and plays to win every day” said TMG Founder and President, Joe Barto, “in every organization there are Heartbeat Leaders who when they have a good day then everyone has a good day and when they do not well we all know what happens.”  The topic of Labor Market Dynamics and High Performance Teams is a critical piece of the Carlyle VPs tool kit which is why it has been included in the annual Global Vice President Forum since inception.  It is included as a key part of the week long learning and team building event held in Washington, DC.  “Workforce productivity is a key business driver in today’s economy and surely one of the least understood components of the Carlyle Buy Right, Own Right, and Sell Right strategy which is why this is included in the Global VP Forum.  The Carlyle VP’s are the Heartbeat of the Carlyle business as they “own” the daily execution of the strategy” says Joe Barto, “it is an such a tremendous opportunity for TMG to share its partner experiences around good and bad examples of how the team can either accelerate or drain business performance with such a talented group of Carlyle leaders from around the world.  We not only give them some tools to conduct better Team Due Diligence assessments but also on how they can better lead their teams to represent the values of Carlyle by leading by example when they interact in their markets or with the portfolio companies.”  This is the fifth year TMG has supported the Global VP Forum.

TMG is a preferred resource to the Carlyle Group’s Portfolio companies under the Leveraged Purchasing Forum with a Master Support Agreement in the areas of Talent Acquisition/Retention and 1st Line Leader development under the Team Performance Improvement area.

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