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Oak Farms South Texas Logistics Leaders Pledge “I am a Leader. My Team Plays to Win!”

On December 6, 2016,  28 Oak Farms Logistics Leaders pledged that they were Leaders and their Team Plays to Win!  Ben Tanner the District Logistics Manager hosted TMG to accelerate their journey to consistent near perfect performance by hitting the people “re-set” button and challenging each of his leaders to improve the Engagement levels of their teams.  These leaders lead a 400 team of delivery drivers who deliver over 100 Million gallons of milk products across South Texas every year.  

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Led by Joe Barto, TMG Founder and President he challenged Ben and his Team in the Workshop, that they must first THINK about how we spend our time everyday and have a substantive discussion with your leaders and how you re-prioritize your daily activities to move leading your people to the top of your list.  MISSION FIRST — PEOPLE ALWAYS!
On the back of their Leader badges are 2 words:  “NOT TODAY” to give them a daily reminder that they need to guard against going back to work and again become immersed in daily operations.  It is up to you to act like a “NOT TODAY” leader.  Ben Tanner stressed that the South Texas Team needs them to lead and if you do not apply what we learned from TMG then no one will.
“The Oak Farms logistics team is a challenging leadership environment because most of their team only sees their leader once or twice a day.  Yet every driver is having a huge impact on their business every time they make a deliver of a very perishable product across a route of very different customer.  This makes Engagement even more critical because very driver is “customer facing”.  says Joe Barto.