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The Heartbeat: Leadership and the Health of an Organization

TMG heartbeat

LinkedIn Article by TMG’s Kevin Barto published May 7, 2018

In every organization there is a heartbeat. Oftentimes you can walk onto a shop floor or into an office building and feel it as if you were a doctor checking a patient’s pulse. Every heartbeat has an origin and just like a doctor can track the pulse back to the heart, one can track the pulse or “heartbeat” of the organization back to a leader. This article is the first of a series, where you will learn about the Heartbeat Leader Theory, its development, theoretical foundations, and its practices that can be applied in any organization.

Over the last 15 years, the team from TMG Inc. has specialized in helping organizations increase business performance through developing customized Team Performance Improvement (TPI) Systems focused on increasing the health or strength of the “heartbeat”. The stronger the heartbeat, the greater the circulation, the healthier the rest of the body becomes. It is the same way in organizations. When you think about an organization and its leaders, in terms of the circulatory system, who is the leader whose performance is the leading indicator of the health of the business? In other terms, who is the leader, that when he/she has a good day – everyone has a good day and inversely when he/she has a bad day…. You guessed it – everyone has a bad day. In every organization there are Heartbeat Leaders, and when developed and supported, those leaders can create a bigger impact than even the latest most cutting edge technology ever could on the business performance of an organization.

Based on this realization, TMG developed the Heartbeat Leader Theory. READ MORE ON LINKEDIN