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TMG and Arconic Dover Castings Partner with Morris County Chamber of Commerce to Host a Team Performance Improvement & Heartbeat Leaders Workshop

TMG and Arconic Dover Castings Partner with Morris County Chamber of Commerce to Host a Team Performance Improvement & Heartbeat Leaders Workshop on January 19, 2017

Members of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce met at the Arconic Dover Castings Plant in Dover, NJ on Thursday to attend a seminar that highlighted the Dover Castings Operations and the leadership initiatives they have adopted with the help of TMG, Inc.  Representing a variety of organizations and industries, the 20 attendees from non-profits, higher education, manufacturing, engineering companies, as well as banking and accounting firms.  

Members of Lakeland Bank, Housing Partnership of Morris County, Skyline Steel, E.P. Heller, County College of Morris, AZCO Corp, Lagan, The Olive Group, and Farleigh Dickinson University were treated to a daylong seminar that included highlights about the Dover Castings business, leadership and team engagement training, and a Plant Tour.  Beginning with an Arconic Business Overview by Dover Castings Plant Manager, Bill Miley, which highlighted many of the great opportunities that Dover offers their employees to help drive their organization’s success by investing in their people.  Joe Barto, Founder and President of TMG, then led the group through a session that focused on how Dover Castings has implemented a Team Performance Improvement program that has provided their Heartbeat Leaders the tools and coaching they need to increase Team Engagement and the overall performance that has made them the most profitable Castings Plant in all of Arconic.  Joe explained that “the most important thing an organization can do for its people is to give them a Leader that knows how to lead” because if the leadership of the organization doesn’t understand how to engage their teammates, who actually do the work and add value to the business, it will lead to low trust and productivity.

After lunch, participants were given a Plant Tour guided by several members of the Dover Castings Team that highlighted many of the Capital Investments, Process Improvements, and Team Engagement Initiatives that are taking place throughout the plant.  In 2017, Arconic is making a tremendous investment in the Dover team by upgrading many of their critical machines and equipment that are essential to the future of their business.   After the tour, couple of Dover Castings’ Heartbeat Leaders gave Best Practice presentations to explain how they’ve implemented the tools with their teams and how it has led to their success in 2016 as well as setting them up for an even better performance in 2017.  The day wrapped up with an inspirational call to action from Joe Barto who challenged the audience to have the Courage to return to their respective teams armed with the tools to drive Team Engagement and their responsibility to provide those tools to their Heartbeat Leaders so that everyone gets a chance to Win!