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TMG and Heraeus Tenevo Partner to Improve Team Performance in Buford, GA.

Buford, GA – August 9th, 2016 – TMG Inc. and global quartz glass innovator, Heraeus Tenevo United States (HTU), launched the Team Performance Improvement (TPI) Program focused on developing the frontline leaders.  These critical Heartbeat Leaders play a vital role in the successful operation of their 24/7 production facility; therefore, the organization is dedicating new resources and customized training to their professional development. During the Kickoff of this TPI program, TMG conducted a workshop which provided Leader Toolkits and an overview of the program to HTU and their Heartbeat Leaders. At the end of the workshop, each of the 21 leaders pledged, “I am a Leader. My Team Plays to Win!” while shaking hands with Tim Jenkins, the Plant Manager, and Joe Barto III, President and Founder of TMG. TMG will continue to support and coach the Heartbeat Leaders throughout the TPI process as they improve their teams’ engagement, leading to high performing teams. The first phase of this TPI program spans the summer of 2016 and applies the philosophy that if we align the organization and improve leader behaviors, we will increase team engagement and improve business performance.  As the program evolves, TMG will provide program updates and share best practices with our growing community of business partners and online followers.

“Tim Jenkins is a very talented Plant Manager who understands the power of the Team Performance Improvement System in preparing his business for the future.  When we have the opportunity to partner with professionals like Tim who take the time and effort to fully implement the TPI system, it has an immediate impact on both the Leader and their teams and the business performance of the organization.” says Joe Barto, TMG Founder and President who led the Builds Team Engagement Workshop to Kick Off the engagement.

HTU BTE Team Pic