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The TMG Team met to Kick Off their 2018 program.  Joe Barto opened the 2-day planning and development session with the team goal of “Perfect is not only possible…it is what our partners expect and we owe them perfection every day.”  He went on to say that “…no individual can be perfect but a team can be and TMG is a great team.”  TMG met during our Annual Kick Off Summit January 9 – 10, 2018 to practice what we preach. We reviewed a very successful 2017, laid out our 2018 plan which shows another growth year, and conducted our TMG Annual Organizational Physical to ensure our team was ready to play, and re-confirmed our vision for 2019 and beyond.  The team is once again energized and ready to” Win” in 2018.

This Linford T. Saylor Competing Award, the highest honor of distinction among TMG members went to Lori Gelinas. Lori transitioned her role in 2017 to become a leader in Program Support. She has done a phenomenal job and was given this award as a reminder to her of what she means to all of us here at TMG. Thank you Lori, your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed!

At the conclusion of the Summit, we onboarded 2 new teammates during our fleecing ceremony, Ambrose “Bo” Brewer and Christina Corace. In 100% agreement, the TMG team has welcomed both as permanent teammates going forward. If you see them onsite, take a moment and congratulate them.

2018-01 New Teammates

“First, I want to thank our partners for all their support and trust in 2017.  We work very hard to be a contributing part of their team to improve their business performance by either reducing their costs via the Lean and Six Sigma support or improve workforce productivity and efficiency via the Team Performance Improvement support.  They reward us by believing in us as much as we believe in them. I am thrilled to lead this magnificent team who is also dedicated to our mission.  Mission First – People Always; we teach and we believe it every day.”  says Founder and President Joe Barto.