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TMG Kicks Off 2017 with a 2-Day AME Lean Champions Workshop in Hampton, VA

AME Jan 30-31  (Brian Tapjana NNS SCP)

In Partnership with the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, TMG Kicks Off 2017 with a 2-Day AME Lean Champions Workshop in Hampton, VA.

On January 30 and 31, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence hosted the first of three AME Lean Champions Workshops in the Hampton Roads area at the Peninsula Workforce Development Center in Hampton, VA.  Over 40 people attended this event to learn more about how their teams can apply the Lean Principles to build High Performing Teams and improve their overall business performance.  This Southeast Regional AME Event was led by Joe Barto, Founder and President of TMG, Inc., and Dale Davis and Doug Smith, the lead instructors for TMG’s Performance Improvement Training, who discussed the Roles and Responsibilities of Continuous Improvement/Operational Excellence Champions, Building a High-Performance Team by focusing on the Heartbeat Leaders, as well as an overview of how to effectively apply the Lean, and Six Sigma toolset. 

Members of Newport News Shipbuilding, EBSCO Industries, Weiland Copper Products and Celgard attended this 2-day workshop for a unique approach to both Process and People Improvement that focuses on supporting the Heartbeat Leader who drives team performance in all organizations.  During this event the audience was taught that in order to improve our business performance we must align our people to our processes by increasing leader behaviors to create engaged teams who are more productive.  Once you have a stable and engaged team, where everyone understands how they fit and what the goals are, organizations can effectively apply the Lean (War on Waste) and Six Sigma (War on Variability) to improve the processes.  Joe finished by challenging the group to have the Courage to return to their respective teams armed with the tools to drive Team Engagement and charged them with the responsibility to provide those tools to their Heartbeat Leaders so that everyone gets a chance to Win!

 “Thanks for probably the most rewarding workshop I think I’ve been to in my 25 years here at Wieland Copper Products.”, says Terry Lipford of Weiland Copper Products, one of 44 new Leaders who pledged “I am a Leader and my Team plays to Win!”.  Join the team at our one of our next Champions Lead the Way! events at Hauni, Inc. in Richmond, VA on April 11th and Ball Metal in Williamsburg, VA on June 13th and 14th. 

AME Jan 30-31  (participants)AME Jan 30-31  (John Calver) AME Jan 30-31  (Joe Barto) (4) AME Jan 30-31  (Dale Davis) AME Jan 30-31  (Bobby Perkins - Instructional Developer and Manufacturing Trades)