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TMG Launches Torotel Team Performance Improvement Program in Olathe, KS

On June 5, 2017, TMG launched its latest iteration of the Team Performance Improvement Program with Torotel Products, Inc. in Olathe, KS. Torotel is a small, family owned business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom magnetics for the aerospace, defense, and energy sectors for the last 50 years. The TMG Team was on-site with the Torotel Team to launch the Torotel TPI System with 30 Leaders and roughly 150 Employees, to help them accomplish their mission of doubling the size of their business from $16M to $32M by 2020. Understanding that meeting this challenge will take more than just “working harder”, TMG will assist in creating the Torotel Dream Team by facilitating the “Building a Dream Team: Heartbeat Leaders First” workshop in August followed by a full implementation of the Team Performance Improvement Toolset. To emphasize the importance of this program and their partnership with TMG, Herb Sizemore, CEO of Torotel, released the following message to his entire workforce to launch his team on the journey to near-perfect performance and underscoring the fact that the only way to be successful is to focus on providing their teammates with Leaders who are engaged, want to lead, and have the tools to lead. We are very excited to join Torotel’s journey.

Torotel Kick-Off Pic

Building a Dream Team
“$32M by 2020”
June 1, 2017
To: All Torotel Teammates
Over the next three years we WILL double the size of our business from $16M to $32M in FY2020. We will accomplish our mission via internal market growth and acquisition/integration. We have invested heavily in re-capitalizing our facilities and equipment, and made changes to our leadership team to lead our business. All this work sets the conditions that in order to realize the return on our investment and to accomplish our growth mission to we must now transform HOW we run our business and take a good team and make it great!
In 2018 we will build and sustain the Torotel “Dream Team” to launch our journey to $32M profitably.

We have got to refocus our leaders and our teams on the leading indicator of our future business performance—people to process.

Torotel is teaming up with TMG to help us build the foundation required to double the size of our business by focusing on the most important part of our business, our people. We will call this system the Torotel Team Performance Improvement (TPI) System and it will have two major tasks; Mission First (we will Win!) – People Always (by creating High Performing Engaged Teams across the business).

The key to success of the TPI System will be to focus on the 1st Line Supervisors who are the Heartbeat of our business. When they have a good day, everyone has a good day and when they do not; well we all know how that goes. It is my and the leadership teams sacred responsibility to provide YOU, our teammates with a Leader who wants to lead, knows how to lead, is engaged, and plays to win every day.

Over the next several months TMG will work to understand our business and then customize a TPI system specifically for us. We will then train each leader how to create and communicate clear expectations, the importance of building engaged relationships between the leader and the led, how to build an engagement improvement plan, and how to track improvement in engagement and business outcomes. We will then use that training to implement a plan to improve our team engagement by giving you, our teammates, the number one thing they deserve, an engaged and focused leader who believes in you and your ability to work hard and smart every day! Mission First – People Always.

We will change the way we do business because we cannot meet our growth goals by just working harder. We have to lead differently so you can expect your leaders to act differently but it may not always be perfect. We will be coaching and developing your leaders in skills they may not be very comfortable with but we know they must get better at to launch our journey to $32M and to build a solid foundation to attain consistent near perfect performance for many, many years to come.

I am personally committed to leading this effort by changing how I lead and creating the systems to measure not only the changes in leader behaviors but disciplining the process to not only help leaders who want to win but ensure those not supporting the program understand these behaviors are not optional.
Torotel leaders will:
¬ Keep Score to focus our team on winning every day
¬ Understand our team’s roles and responsibilities
¬ Set clear expectations
¬ Listen to you and get your ideas on how the Team can get better.
¬ Develop paths for improvement
¬ Align your goals with the goals of the Torotel Team
¬ Build Individual and Team Engagement
¬ Lead with Courage
¬ Lead to Win!
We are very excited about this process but we know that it is the beginning of a journey that we will only be able to accomplish if every teammate is committed to improvement and coming to work every day ready to Win!

Beginning on June 5, 2017 TMG will be on site throughout the next few months to guide our leaders through this process and facilitate conversations between you, your team and your leader. The goal of these discussions is to provide a systematic approach to improve your relationships with your leader so that you can work together to improve your productivity and work environment.
We will conduct the Kick Off Meeting on June 6, 2017 and if you have any feedback or ideas on how to best implement the TPI system then please let me or your leader know.

You, our teammates, are our business. I trust you to do the right thing and I want you to trust me and our leadership team to lead you.

I am a Leader. My Team Plays to Win!

~ Herb Sizemore
Chief Executive Officer